Mel F. Bailey BSCS

Summa Cum Laude GPA 4.0 1990

First PC Pioneer in Canada

	Mel has been working in Information Technology for the past 30 years because he became a recognized personal
	computer pioneer when he bought the first Tandy Radio Shack personal computer in Vancouver B.C. Canada in 1977.
	He learned how to program by reading the manual then created and sold his own software (PC-SELL).
	In 1992 he was invited to work in the USA where he has provided services to logistic, 
	government, computer, aerospace, cellular, financial and silicon valley start-ups.
	Mel is a former soldier, correctional officer, shareware author, college teacher and computer consultant.

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Long before the Apple 1 and IBM PC, Radio Shack made the very first PC in 1977.
Tandy Corp named it the TRS80 Model 1 which quickly became affectionately known by the "hackers" as the "Trash 80".
Mel Bailey, a correctional officer at the time, was the first person to get one in Vancouver B.C. Canada in 1977.
He donated it to a museum in Vancouver B.C. Canada in 1985 and also donated his Point Of Sale software (PC-Sell) welcomed it as their very first Business Category free shareware offering.